Architect: Nickl & Partner Architekten, München (DE)
2700 m2 DinamiC•CCC 20 mm | Colour: Graphite | Surface: Satin 
Realized: 2007

The staircase-facades of the central building of the universityhospital of Frankfurt am Main are clad with DinamiC•CCC elements in the colour Graphite and features a Satin texture. To give the facade a distinctive character and to give each separate element a robust look, the request of the architect was for the elements to be produced in a thickness of 30 mm. In this way, the extremely thick GRC-elements give the impression of monolithic proportion featuring 15 mm open joints between the panels. A further specialty of this project is that the elements of the exterior-facade are also used in the interior of the building. In combination with the inox-furniture a very elegant interior is created, with the “Exterior” and “Interior” of the building merging seamlessly.

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