Architect: UN Studio, Amsterdam (NL)
700 m2 DinamiC•CCC 10 and 22 mm | Colour: Anthracite | Surface: Satin
Realized: 2005

A well-known project "Park- and Rijntower" in Arnhem by UN Studio. DinamiC•CCC-elements are used as façade-cladding and roof-elements with dimensions up to 1.250 x 3.900 x 22 and 10 mm. The variation in grey-colours of the large panels enhance the appearance of the building. The Satin texture of the DinamiC•CCC-elements looks like precast concrete and in this case shows a deliberate cloudy effect in anthracite shades.

The concrete material surprises with the effect of natural stone. The office building is situated next to the central railway station and forms an outstanding eye-catching façade on the Arnhem city-skyline.

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