Architect: N2Q Architekten, Heidelberg (DE)
DinamiC•CCC 30 mm | Colour: Nebula | Surface: Satin Vectogramm
Realised: 2007

The “Museum am Ginkgo” project in Heidelberg-Schlierbach forms an extension of the existing Carl Bosch Museum. The name of the building, which is characterized by exceptional architecture, is related to the two old Ginkgo-trees in the park behind the museum. The DinamiC•CCC facade-elements are all unique pieces. For each individual panel a unique mould has been used for the production of the final facade-elements.

The special surface with a 3 to 5 mm “relief” contrast has been obtained by using the patented Vectogramm-structure. The special vertical line-contrast of the Ginkgo-leaves only is shown in specific light and shadow circumstances.

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