Besides in standard concrete satin DinamiC•CCC facade cladding can be produced in several other surface textures. The textures Satin, Pyra and Gabro are available as standard surfaces with very fine structures. Other, stronger structures are possible with special moulds, of which the surface is the negative of the required profile. In this way e.g. wood-, slate-, bamboo-, plaster-, gravel- and other textures can be imitated. Surface structures according to architects designs will be created in Fydro's own individual mould shop. 

SA | Satin
Satin surface like traditional precast-concrete


PY | Pyra
Surface with fine “pyramidical” relief

GB | Gabro
Fine marbled surface

GR | Grain
Rough texture through sandblasting

Furthermore special design surfaces can be produced. Example: for a primaryschool in UK, DinamiC•CCC elements were manufactured, which show the prints of children’s hands. The designer delivered the drawings which were printed on a special foil so that the concrete shows the drawn images after demoulding.

  • 3 standard textures
  • ‘stronger’ textures available
  • prints according to designer specification